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How long has Ecological Services been in business?

1985 – present. We are celebrating our 35th year in business in 2020. We have established good working relationships with natural areas managers and planners in the region, and can serve our clients effectively by ensuring that our reports will satisfy local and provincial requirements related to natural heritage values.

I’m in a rush – when can I get this work done?

We try to accommodate the needs and schedules of our clients, but you should recognize that we work with certain constraints. Existing commitments to other clients will always be honored.  The main time constraint, however, is season. We cannot conduct an impact assessment during the winter (it would be inadequate, and would not be accepted by review agencies). For certain types of assessment, you should understand that two or three seasons of field work will be required.  Requirements differ from one project to another, and we will advise you of what is required in your specific situation.

What if you decide that I cannot do what I want to do?

It is the planning authorities who decide whether a project can proceed.  Our job is to provide a professional, science-based opinion and to make recommendations to you, the client, as part of your approval application package.

What if I do not like your recommendations?

Our services are provided to our clients, and we will not share your information with others unless specifically directed to do so. In general, however, our reports should not contain unexpected surprises. If we have concerns, our goal is to work with clients to achieve re-designs, apply mitigation measures, and/or compensation measures, such that the final application proposal has no significant environmental impacts and is consistent with the Provincial Policy Statement (which governs much of the development in Ontario).

What kinds of work do you undertake?

Environmental impact assessments, environmental site assessments, fish habitat assessments, wetland evaluations, natural areas management plans, resource inventories, ecological land classification, etc. For more information, ask about access to our Prospectus. It lists the various projects we have completed over the past 35 years.